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BTES Conferences

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2011 - Ryerson University

2013 - Roger Williams University

2015 - University of Utah


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Conferences & Events

BTES endeavors to arrange for an annual event where the members can gather and exchange ideas. The BTES Annual Meeting is held at this event.

The 2017 BTES Conference - Des Moines, Iowa - June 8-10, 2017


The Board of BTES and the Conference Organizers are very pleased to announce that the BTES 2017 Conference will be held in Des Moines, Iowa on June 8-10, 2017.  Below you will find the Call for Papers with a two-staged process and abstracts due on September 15, 2016. The 2017 Conference with its theme of Poetics + Pragmatism promises to be an exceptional conference and we encourage you to submit to this event. 

“Talk is cheap and easy; making dreams real takes hard, humble work. Dreams in the Midwest are acceptable, just keep them to yourself. Maybe tell your family, but don’t just talk—do something about it.”             Peter Jenkins, Looking for Alaska

Iowa opened to European-American settlers in 1834, and ever since it has been a place where Americans have held a tenuous grip on the land and against a climate that resists occupation.  Its soil produces grain for the entire continent; its legendary work ethic has fueled generations of farmers but also writers, poets, musicians, and astronomers.  It is a place that takes the real world seriously, but that has also raised the products of such engagement to poetic levels; the novels of Marilynne Robinson, the music of Greg Brown, and the paintings of Grant Wood all speak to this possibility among the sublime landscapes of our state.  But it is also a place of technological engagement and advancement: Iowa State can make a legitimate claim to be the birthplace of digital computing, a legacy reflected in its investment in fabrication and analysis initiatives today.

BTES’ first meeting in the Midwest offers an opportunity to ask how building can address both practical and poetic desires.  The ‘hard, humble work’ of constructing in an indifferent environment can balance our needs with what that environment has to offer while touching our deeper sensibilities.  Indeed, cognitive science has produced evidence suggesting that beauty, in the words of Denis Dutton, is “nature’s way of acting at a distance,” an instinctive preference for objects, landscapes, and sustenance that can leverage our relations with the world.

How do the pragmatics and the poetics of building coincide?  How do they resist, challenge, or provoke one another?  How do buildings and the ways in which we build bridge realms of material performance and aesthetics?  And how does a new generation of tools collide with, enhance, or critique these traditions?  We seek papers on a broad range of topics that address how and why we build, that examine technology and techne in the contexts of function, beauty, and poetics, and that reveal these links both in contemporary practice and throughout history.  Papers that address Midwestern traditions are particularly welcome, but we seek a broad mix of geographical, conceptual, and disciplinary approaches.

Submit abstracts of no more than 500 words via EasyChair. Papers will be reviewed in a two-stage process.

Deadline for abstracts: 15 September 2016 Notifications to Authors: 1 November 2016 Final Papers Due: 1 March 2017 Notification of Paper Acceptance:  15 April 2017


Shelby Doyle, AIA, LEED AP, Assistant Professor in Architecture and Daniel J. Huberty Faculty Fellow

Tom Leslie, AIA, Pickard Chilton Professor in Architecture and Director of Graduate Education

Rob Whitehead, AIA, LEED AP, Assistant Professor in Architecture


2017 BTES Conference Awards Program

The BTES is pleased to announce the following awards to be made at the 2017 conference. Application instrucitons are described in the following PDFs (click on the title for full PDF description). Elegible faculty and students are encouraged to apply!

Emerging Faculty Award

Description: This award recognizes building technology educators who are early in their teaching career and display excellence and innovation in their teaching performance, methods, and subject matter.

Criteria: The BTES Emerging Faculty Award (EFA) is a biennial award that recognizes outstanding teaching ability and commitment demonstrated by an emerging faculty member. Faculty submissions should relate to the teaching specialty areas of environmental control systems, construction methods and materials, structural systems, or other building science and technology disciplines. Submissions should convey excellence and innovation in teaching performance, methods, and subject matter, inspiring student engagement in building technology and its impact on design.

2017 Book Award

Description: The BTES Book Award recognizes an outstanding new book on the topic of building technologies that significantly contributes to building technology education in architecture. The prize will be a $1,000 award stipend to help cover registration, travel, and lodging for attending the BTES biennial conference

Criteria: The award will recognize books that have, and will make a significant contribution to the field of building technology and/or building technology education in architecture. The jury seeks interesting and informative submissions that clearly and effectively communicate building technology issues for architecture and engineering professionals, scholars, and students.The winning submission must demonstrate a scholarly level of professional expertise and insight, an innovative and thought-provoking approach to understanding building technology issues, a relevance of the content that shows impact and influence, and an effective level of communication strategies that clearly addresses the intended audience.

Student Scholarship

Award Categories: Two award categories have been established, one for a paper submittal and one for a design portfolio. Each award will be chosen by a BTES-member jury, and will provide a $500 scholarship for travel expenses, free conference admission, and a 1-year BTES membership.


BTES Conferences:
BTES recognizes that many of its members are tenure seeking faculty and in need of peer reviewed paper presentations to assist in this process. BTES holds a Conference or Symposium in alternate years that provides blind peer review to papers that are submitted for consideration for presentation at the Conference.

The Conference is normally scheduled to take place in the summer so that participants are clear from academic pressures and teaching responsibilities. As BTES is a non profit, efforts are made to keep the costs of our events "down" in recognition that many Professors have little or no support to attend these events. The venue is normally a Member University, and accommodations reserved at University dorms. For those desiring more upscale rooms, arrangements are normally made at a nearby hotel.

Please visit the links at the left to find out more information about past and future conferences.

The 2015 Conference took place in Utah - details!

BTES 2006
BTES Symposium 2006 - Maryland

The ACSA Annual Meeting:
BTES holds a Pre-Conference meeting in conjunction with the ACSA Annual Meeting to provide an opportunity for the members to connect and discuss issues. This also provides the venue for the Annual Meeting in non conference years. As the Society grows it is intended to use this also as an opportunity for additional Technology Themed paper presentations.

For more information on our past ACSA related meetings, please visit the links at the left.


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